I help organizations optimize their potential through smart content and digital strategy.

Mostly recently, I served as digital transformation lead at Econsultancy.

At heart, I am a content strategist, but my career has led me down so many different paths. I have helped small startups grow through smart content and marketing strategies and helped large organization refocus on the new opportunities afforded by the Internet and mobile technology.

I have led both marketing and editorial teams, grooming some of the most influential journalists in media (my former direct reports are now well-respected journalists at CNN, People, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, New York Times, and more) and senior marketing executives in the major advertising firms and internal teams.

Among my accomplishments are growing P&Ls by 3X, growing social media accounts from 0 to six figures, and cutting costs through smarter deployment of technology.

I have ample experience in social media training, project management, and staff reorganizations.

I’ve served as editor-in-chief of two publications: PRWeek and DMN (formerly Direct Marketing News) and, throughout my career, pioneered a number of innovations for the b-to-b space.

I actively write about the above topics and more here and at keithrobrien.com. I am currently looking for either full-time or contract opportunities.

Key Skills

Change Management | Content Strategy | Digital Marketing | Writing | Editing | Social Media | Brand Strategy