The Definitive Low (Duluth, MN band) Rankings and Playlist


There are few bands that have consistently produced compelling and adventurous music at such slow a speed than Low. Though the band is on record as disdaining the genre attributed to them (Slowcore), it’s apt. Their music oscillates between brooding and menacing, claustrophobia and sparseness, often without changing much in between.

A reason why they may not like Slowcore is it implies a sameness or stillness to their music. That is far from reality. And I wanted to prove it, so I started listening to the entire catalog while organizing based on preference. Would all of my favorite songs cluster around their most iconic album Things We Lost in the Fire? Would they all have the same dirge-like quality or would I have grown to appreciate their poppier, more straightforward rock? Would my tastes span their entire ouvre? The answer is yes, no, yes, yes.

Before I get into the full list (complete with embedded Spotify playlist), a quick look at how the albums stack up, based on average rating of song.

AlbumOrder ReleasedAverage Ranking
Things We Lost in the Fire519.25
Secret Name437.73
Double Negative1239.36
Long Division252.88
The Great Destroyer761.85
I Could Live In Hope179.82
Ones and Sixes981.00
The Invisible Way1183.00
Drums And Guns889.31
The Curtain Hits The Cast398.67
Grand Total69.00

As you can, Things We Lost in the Fire dominates the rankings. Double Negative may benefit from SOME recency bias. But you see a nonlinear chronology. While it’s true their earlier work is more rewarding, every album has its own gems.

AlbumHighest Ranking Track
Things We Lost in the Fire1
Ones and Sixes2
Secret Name3
Double Negative10
The Curtain Hits The Cast15
The Great Destroyer19
Long Division26
Drums And Guns33
I Could Live In Hope43
The Invisible Way46

Without further delay, here is my definitive rankings of every major album release Low song.

RankingTrackAlbumTrack Number
137Pretty PeopleDrums And Guns1
136SunshineI Could Live In Hope11
135DarkThe Curtain Hits The Cast12
134Shots & LaddersTrust13
133LandslideOnes and Sixes11
132John PrineTrust9
131Point of DisgustTrust12
130Take Your TimeDrums And Guns10
129Into YouOnes and Sixes6
128La La SongTrust11
127You See EverythingC’mon2
125Little Argument With MyselfTrust10
124CoattailsThe Curtain Hits The Cast5
123Spanish TranslationOnes and Sixes3
122Mom SaysThe Curtain Hits The Cast4
121DownI Could Live In Hope8
120Your PoisonDrums And Guns9
119SameThe Curtain Hits The Cast10
118On The Edge OfThe Great Destroyer6
117In the DrugsTrust7
116Last Snowstorm of the YearTrust8
115BelarusDrums And Guns2
114AnonThe Curtain Hits The Cast1
113Kid in the CornerOnes and Sixes9
112StandbyThe Curtain Hits The Cast6
111GentleOnes and Sixes1
110The LambTrust6
109Over The OceanThe Curtain Hits The Cast3
108WaitingThe Invisible Way5
107RopeI Could Live In Hope10
106CarolineLong Division8
105Holy GhostThe Invisible Way4
103HomeSecret Name12
102Stars Gone OutThe Curtain Hits The Cast9
101AmethystThe Invisible Way2
100DragonflyDrums And Guns4
99Clarence WhiteThe Invisible Way6
98MotherThe Invisible Way9
96StepThe Great Destroyer8
95The PlanThe Curtain Hits The Cast2
94In SilenceDrums And Guns11
93Four ScoreThe Invisible Way7
92MurdererDrums And Guns12
91To Our KneesThe Invisible Way11
90DragI Could Live In Hope9
89The InnocentsOnes and Sixes8
88LaughThe Curtain Hits The Cast7
87ViolenceLong Division1
86The Son, The SunDouble Negative7
85SeaI Could Live In Hope7
84When I Go DeafThe Great Destroyer9
83SandinistaDrums And Guns5
81DJOnes and Sixes12
80Dust on the WindowDrums And Guns7
79No ComprendeOnes and Sixes2
78FearI Could Live In Hope2
76Cue The StringsThe Great Destroyer7
75Especially MeC’mon5
74Death Of A SalesmanThe Great Destroyer12
73HatchetDrums And Guns8
72LiesOnes and Sixes10
71Something’s Turning OverC’mon10
70Rome (Always in the Dark)Double Negative10
69Violent PastDrums And Guns13
68PissingThe Great Destroyer11
67Time Is the DiamondTrust4
66Everybody’s SongThe Great Destroyer3
65CutI Could Live In Hope3
64Candy GirlTrust3
63Dancing and FireDouble Negative8
62Walk Into The SeaThe Great Destroyer13
61(That’s How You Sing) Amazing GraceTrust1
60On My OwnThe Invisible Way10
59Plastic CupThe Invisible Way1
58Don’t UnderstandSecret Name6
57Poor SuckerDouble Negative9
56SlideI Could Live In Hope4
55StarfireSecret Name2
54Laser BeamThings We Lost in the Fire5
53So BlueThe Invisible Way3
52LullabyI Could Live In Hope6
51TurnLong Division7
50MonkeyThe Great Destroyer1
49LustThe Curtain Hits The Cast8
48ShameLong Division3
47MissouriSecret Name5
46Just Make It StopThe Invisible Way8
45LazyI Could Live In Hope5
43WordsI Could Live In Hope1
42I RememberSecret Name1
41TempestDouble Negative4
40Days Of…Secret Name10
39Broadway (So Many People)The Great Destroyer10
38Swingin’Long Division5
37WhitetailThings We Lost in the Fire2
36Throw Out The LineLong Division4
35Always FadeDrums And Guns6
34No EndOnes and Sixes5
33BreakerDrums And Guns3
32Just Stand BackThe Great Destroyer5
31See-ThroughLong Division6
30Always UpDouble Negative5
29Weight of WaterSecret Name4
28Try to SleepC’mon1
27Dinosaur ActThings We Lost in the Fire3
26Below & AboveLong Division2
25QuorumDouble Negative1
24EmbraceThings We Lost in the Fire7
23Kind of GirlThings We Lost in the Fire9
22Lion / LambSecret Name9
21DisarrayDouble Negative11
20Silver RiderThe Great Destroyer4
19CaliforniaThe Great Destroyer2
18SunflowerThings We Lost in the Fire1
17Dancing and BloodDouble Negative2
15Do You Know How To WaltzThe Curtain Hits The Cast11
14In MetalThings We Lost in the Fire13
13FlyDouble Negative3
12Medicine MagazinesThings We Lost in the Fire4
112-StepSecret Name3
10Always Trying to Work It OutDouble Negative6
9WhoreThings We Lost in the Fire8
8Like a ForestThings We Lost in the Fire10
7Nothing But HeartC’mon9
6CongregationOnes and Sixes4
5ImmuneSecret Name8
4JulyThings We Lost in the Fire6
3SoonSecret Name7
2What Part of MeOnes and Sixes7
1CloserThings We Lost in the Fire11